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Sexy gay guy in socks and Converse sneakers Louis Coleman stripped and wanking at Bentley Race

Bentley Race says: I’m really excited to be introducing our new mate 22-year-old Louis Coleman.

We have been chatting for quite some time all about him and planning to get together for a hot strip and jerk-off shoot.

As luck would have it Louis mentioned that he would be visiting from South Australia, bingo, I snapped up the chance to book this hot little fucker for a few hours with me in the studio.

This super sexy boy is really sweet and terribly handsome but he doesn’t know it.

Well, what can I say, our meeting went super well and the shoot well it was amazing.

When Louis finally stripped off his shorts I was shocked as his massive extra larger cock flopped.

Yes, Louis has a huge thick cock, I mean I knew it was big… but in real life, it’s quite a handful.

We got some hot photos and then went on to make a hot fleshlight fucking video. Louis looks great and he is a star in the making but you just can’t take your eyes off his big schlong of cock as it bounces around between his legs.

I think our mates are going to like getting to know him.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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