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Max Carter fucks Tyler Hill tight boy hole

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Max hot boy cock pumps Tyler’s asshole!…… Helix says: Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” for their unconditional love, loyalty and general adorableness. But let’s not forget about our furry friends’ most underappreciated asset: they’re total dude magnets.… Read…
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Alex Vaara and Andy Taylor

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Alex chases the white rabbit down Andy’s tight boy hole!…… Helix says: Words cannot adequately convey the connection between sultry young lovers Andy Taylor and Alex Vaara in their slow-burning new scene.… Read the rest of post
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Kyle Ross and Kody Knight

Hot jock Kody is committed to whipping Kyle’s little ass into shape!…… Helix says: Sports are a natural aphrodisiac so it’s no surprise that slender cutie Kyle Ross and athletic All-American Kody Knight head to the park whenever they want…
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Evan Parker and Kyle Ross

Evan fucks his hard twink cock deep into young Kyle’s hungry boy hole!…… Helix Studios says: Evan Parker and Kyle Ross are on their usual daily grind when work mixes with pleasure as they start trading stories about their best…
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